Graphic Designing

Creative logo designing, Banner designing, Poster designing, Social media post designing.

Graphic Designing is the art of creating creative visual content that delivers a meaningful message or idea to the viewers. It can be in the form of Images, Infographics, BillBoards, Social Media posts, etc.

Basically, Graphic Design is happening everywhere. From the ads, you see on your smartphone screens to the big billboards on the highways. You see attractive visual designs that explain or promote a business through visual content.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is also popularly known as visual communication. These designs can be a way to deliver a message, promote a product, business or create awareness about something.

A good graphic designer can deliver attractive ideas and messages to the viewers through their creative designs. In this guide, we’ll try to understand what is graphic design & the types of graphic designs that you can do for several purposes.

5 Different Types of Graphic Designs

There are several types of graphic designs that you can create for multiple purposes. Here are the Top 5 Different Types of Graphic Designs that are popular in the market.

1. Brand Design

Brand Design is about creating a complete design for a brand. This includes the logos, banners, & each visual element that a brand has. A brand design should only contain a few color combinations that define the complete brand. For e.g, Neil Patel, the famous digital marketing expert only uses Orange & White theme color for his complete brand on all the social media platforms including his website as well. Even the videos he creates on YouTube only contain White & Orange colors that look good and have become a definition of his brand to his audience.

2. Marketing Design

Marketing Design is the type of graphic design you’re creating for advertising & marketing purposes. It can be the ad creatives you see on Facebook, Instagram, or E-mails. It does also include large banners that you see on the roads. All of these designs come under the marketing design category. All the designs that you create for advertising purposes including pamphlets, print ads, digital marketing ads, everything is the best example of marketing design.

3. Web Design

Web Design services in Delhi or Website Design is the skill to design beautiful website interfaces that can attract and retain visitors to the website. A good web design is not only important for users, but it is also important to gain high search engine rankings as Google prefers sites that have a professional design, not just a basic theme installed. While website development is a completely different skill, you can learn more about it on our website. But before the development part, it’s the designer’s job to create the complete visual structure of how the website should look on the desktop, tablet & mobile versions respectively.

4. Illustration Design

Illustrations are the creative pictures that you see in children’s books, social media, interactive media, cards, bags, books, etc. It’s a bit different from the normal designs. In Illustrations, you see more digital paintings being used in a design to create and promote a business. As the name says, Illustration Design is about creating relevant illustrations around your industry. It is one of the hardest types of graphic design that you can learn.

5. Infographic Design

Infographic Design has recently got popular in the digital world. Infographics are images that contain some text to demonstrate or explain a subject to the viewers. It’s not mainly about promoting a product or business. But it is created to explain something to viewers through the images. Social media posts that contain text are also an example of infographic designs. But mainly, It is a large rectangular image that contains some information that is relevant to your business and important for the visitor to read. Reading text is sometimes boring, that is why infographics are one of the best ways to increase audience retention. It has also become a link-building method as webmasters embed informational graphics and give credits to the owners as well.


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In case you’re thinking of opting for Graphic Design as your future career, it is a vast field. Make sure you narrow it down and develop your expertise into something that has demand in the market and yet can become profitable for you in the long run.